ASTL Project PoS Mining Rates

Blockchain, as you know, is a way of storing information on several computers connected to each other via a network (Internet).

Records of financial transactions are encoded and distributed among network participants, forming blocks interconnected by an inextricable chain. If someone wants to rewrite a transaction or create a new one without the consent of other participants, the system will compare the information with other databases and block the transaction.

Such technology, in principle, protects the cryptocurrency from hackers, scammers, various errors and system failures.

Managing mining on the blockchain with the help of Artificial Intelligence allows you to minimize the time of available transactions and the length of processed blocks at any time necessary. And, accordingly, to minimize energy consumption.

Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm

In order for each user to have up-to-date, complete and reliable information, there is the concept of consensus. If the computer of one of the participants fails, the blockchain will continue to work at the expense of other computers in the network. It is the consensus algorithm, or, in other words, “agreement”, that allows both processing and restoring data in case of failure and does not allow entering fictitious data in case of possible fraud attempts.

What is staking

Staking, as it is commonly understood in general, is a passive income by storing cryptocurrency on a special wallet or account.

The more users store coins in the blockchain, the better and more reliable it works. Users ensure the security of the network and are rewarded for this. It is believed that staking is only possible using the Proof-Of-Stake algorithm, although this is not the correct opinion, just the most common one.

The holder of a cryptocurrency does not need to have technical skills to install and run mining equipment – this makes staking accessible to everyone.

Our project also allows you not to think about the current stock quotes of cryptocurrencies, computing power, mining equipment and its depreciation, and other things, both entertaining and boring. We pay you remuneration regardless of daily performance, monthly, exclusively as a percentage of investments with a fixed annual income and in stable cryptocurrency – USDT